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Life is what you make it!


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The journey of Life



The journey of life is like a trip to a destination you have never been to before. Sometimes you will come to a dead end in the road but it doesn’t mean that the journey is over; it is just an indication that you took a wrong turn and  need to reroute!

I will not tell you that life is not hard… because it is. I will not tell you that life  will always make sense…because it doesn’t! I will not tell you that life won’t make you angry…because it will. I will not tell you that life is painless…because it can be very painful! I will not tell you that life is easy …because it is not! As a matter of fact it can be extremely difficult.

But I will tell you this, life is complicated, complex and tricky.  Life is certain and uncertain. It is something that as long as you are alive, will exist and it happens! Yes it does…life happens to EVERYONE. But everyone deal with it differently. Life is designed to make you feel that you are not the author of it… but you can be!

What do you want from life, in life, and or out of life? Depending on what it is, that will determine the actions you take. If you want the best out of life and the good things that life has to offer then you will not allow people, things, circumstances and dead ends to stop you. You will indeed re-calibrate, reroute, rethink and reclaim all that belong to you, all that life have tried to steal and or have stolen from you. You will not stand by the road side and merely be a hitch hiker of this journey, nor will you sit by and be a passenger in the vehicle, but you will be in the driver’s seat and determine that the journey of life will not conquer you but you will conquer it. You will conquer it by simply concluding in your mind that you will. You will maintain a determination of successfully arriving at your destiny/destination… taking it mile by mile until you get there! Selah

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Reacting comes so easy for us as individuals. It is our instinct that kicks in that says:

I have to protect myself

I need to give them a piece of my mind/tell them a thing or two

I’m not letting them get away with that/this

Oh you need to listen to what I have to say

I NEED to let you know how I feel

You need to be put in your place

I have to do something so that you don’t think that this will be tolerated

Don’t ever let it happen again etc…

When we are reacting… what we are doing is actually acting out of emotions.  Is this normal? Quite! Do most people do this? Absolutely ! Does it feel good sometimes? Heck yeah! Should it be done all time time? NO!  In most situations it would be best to respond rather than to react.

Responding requires displaying a level of discipline!

What happens when we respond is:

Persons have a chance to see exactly how something/the thing impacted us in a genuine light

Persons become obligated to listen to what we are saying without us having to force them to do so

It makes an integral/mature person feel remorseful for/about what they said or did to us because, they will hear the voice of reason rather than just our voice.

It becomes easier to look at rationale, because emotions are subdued

When we are responding instead of reacting as a person we gain more respect for ourselves and require others to respect us as well. We are  in control not only of ourselves but also the situation. That is one of the best feeling in the world.

How do we respond rather than react:

Time …take our time. Be slow to answer

Take a moment to think and gather our words

Use our words wisely

Control our tone of voice (monotone is always best)

Change our intentions. Our intention should never be to hurt, cause pain or get back at someone. Our intention should be to get the best result that will help us and or the other person become a better individual, and to prevent the same problem from reoccurring !


Reacting doesn’t get us the results we would like. It often exacerbate the situation or problem and we end up living in regret.

When we respond more than we react we often get the results we want. We give ourselves the opportunity to part amicably with persons when and if it becomes necessary. We gain the comfort of closure in most situations almost all of the time; and that is certainly worth it!

Most people react…when given the opportunity… let us respond; it is the practice of The Great!

Food for thought


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NEVER GIVE UP!images (17)

It is easy to give up if you do not have a clear picture of where you’re going. The picture can be your visions, plans, goals, dreams, aspirations, purpose and destiny!

“The only way to get to the end is to make up your mind from the beginning that you will!” Raquel R.D Williams

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Nugget for the day: World Peace

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“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace!”

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Pace Yourself


The word Pace means :

1.A single step taken when walking or running.

2.Speed in walking, running, or moving.

You’re the one who have to determine what speed to move with whether it is one mile or ten miles you have to travel. In this instance though I am talking specifically about life. Have you ever watched a race and saw one guy start with mad speed, I mean stride after stride leaving behind the entire field of persons and then… on the home stretch this next individual comes running inch by inch stride by stride and at the finish line at the last second became first? What does the commentator say? Oh no I think he came out too fast looks like he isn’t going to hold on…and he doesn’t…what a shame.

My point is…in life it is easy to look at the progress of others. Sayings:

  1. I should have had this by now
  2. I should have accomplished this by now
  3. I should have been further ahead

And the list goes on. Yes it is GREAT to be an ambitious person; this is a wonderful attribute to have. But don’t let ambition tempt you to miss your stride or mess it up. I’m sure the first runner’s ambition was to win the race, but it was that same ambition that cause him to lose the race. If you treat life as if it is a sprint rather than a marathon you may finish/peak/give up too quickly.

How do you pace yourself when it seems like you are lagging behind?

Remember as I mentioned before (article: what is life), that life is a process and learning from experiences. In every area of your life whether it is business, finance, romance or your spirituality, ask the following questions:

Where did I go wrong?

What did I do right?

What is the lesson in this?

How do I do this better?

Do I need help in this area?

Should I get help?

Who would be the best person or source to help me in this regard?

Is this for me?

Should I hold onto it?

Should I  let it go?

After you have SUCCESSFULLY asked and answered all of the above questions; the answers WILL determine your pace, your stride …your timing. Its like the rhythm of music, one person hears it and move, the other person whose  hearing is impaired feel the vibrations and also move. What do we learn from this, both persons if you look at them from the outside is accomplishing the same thing but both are using a different method; pacing themselves in a totally different way. Observe what is going on around you. Have a sense of timing but from the perspective of what is best for YOU, not another person!

You may reply, “Yes I get it; I hear you but how do I know whats right for me?”

If you have tried something a million times, a million different ways, and given different persons a chance but all fail consistently or  miserably…then take a time out. Sit  back and assess. If in your assessment you have done as much as you could and all that you should then…the timing is off. Pace Yourself, slow down because it could be that now is not the time for you or for that thing. I know this sounds painful for some and doesn’t make sense to others of you that are reading this. But believe me it works; there are MANY success stories out there. Its time for you to become a success story as well…all you need to do is simply Pace Yourself.

Pace Yourself; life is not a sprint it is a marathon and you need to finish strong !

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